“God made us be…

“God made us best friends because He knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.”

This is kind of an out of whack post, considering that this is a baking blog, but I just wanted to really emphasize how much fun we have together no matter what.  Ok, maybe this sort of connects in a way… Whether it be baking, crafting, just simply doing nothing, we still have TONS of fun together.  It is very comforting knowing that there is someone else there who we can trust and tell everything to.  Also, we help each other grow in our relationship with Christ and urge each other on in our faith.  If we aren’t physically together, we make it seem like we are together through Skype.  The memories that we have created through this are completely and utterly unexplainable.  Anything is possible!  I (Ashley) have watched Sophie bake 200 miles away in Whistler.  I (Sophie) have experienced Ashley trying to watch four hyper girls who are running around with ice cream.  I (Sophie) remember when Ashley and I used to play soccer together… we would sit on our decorated buckets and munch on our oranges while watching the game.  Since first grade, a lot has happened, and many things have been baked!


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